Multifunction UV light phone sterilizer with Wireless Charger

  • Input DC5V/9V
  • Wireless Output 10W
  • Battery capacity 1000mah (work 10 times for “b gear”)
  • UV light Power 2W*2
  • Disinfection gear      a. 60s b.300s
  •                                  60s for bacterial (for smartphone).
  •                                  300s for Viruses and spore bacteria. (for key, Toothbrush, Jewellery, etc)
  • Product Size 190×95.8x38mm
  • Sterilizer case size 170* 86 .7* 21 mm
  • Material ABS 94 V1
  • Sterilizer components                                                                                 a.Ultraviolet LED*2 265nm b.Sterilizer case  c.Accident al opening protection device
  • Aroma Function



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